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Continuing from the second chapter in my Civil War time travel romance.


Emerging from the tent, he struggled to see in the ink-black darkness. No moonlight shone, and only a few, lone stars flickered through the dense clouds. The shuffling of heavy boots and the sound of men’s angry voices drew his attention a few yards past the laundress’ tent.

Had it been Mrs. O’Connell? A lantern glowed near her tent. Upon investigation, he found two men standing over what appeared to be a woman lying in a heap of calico skirts and petticoats. One of the men held a mare by the reins; the other hefted a lantern.

“What happened?” Will said.

“The lady fell from the horse, sir,” the private holding the animal answered.

Kneeling at the woman’s side, he tilted her face toward his. He motioned to the other soldier. “Bring the lantern closer.”

Mrs. O’Connell, a young widow serving as one of the camp’s new laundresses, lay limp and still. What the hell had the laundress been doing on a horse in the dead of night? He gazed at her placid face. Long, red-gold lashes brushed against her rounded cheekbones, ghostly pale in the candlelight. Blood oozed from one delicate nostril. Her bosom rose and fell gently, drawing his gaze to the swell of her breasts.

Finalist in the Ancient City Romance Authors 2010 Reader’s Choice Award, paranormal category.

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