ErinsRebel_w1957_300With Christmas fast approaching, I’m posting a short Christmas scene from my Civil War time travel romance.

Kneeling by the stone, Will pressed his lips against it. The taste of cold granite brought the pain back anew. All he had left of her now was Amanda. Their stillborn son rested by Anne’s side.

He left the small, church cemetery and strolled home as his thoughts filled with Anne and Mrs. O’Connell. Each woman was so different. Anne had been refined and well-mannered. He hardly recalled a complaint coming from her lips. She’d been the perfect wife, mother, and hostess.

Mrs. O’Connell, on the other hand, could be bold and sometimes brash. She often asked direct questions of a personal nature, causing his father’s eyebrows to rise and his mother to shake her head. She was curious about everything, and he’d often catch her scribbling in a journal Jenny had given her to pass the time.

He found her unpredictable, but at the same time, she intrigued him. Anne had been gone two and a half years. And Mrs. O’Connell was a lovely distraction. He caught the glances Jenny gave the two of them. She, no doubt, had matchmaking on her mind.

When he arrived home and entered the parlor, the scent of fresh pine and wood burning in the fireplace greeted him.

Jenny, wearing a forest green frock, stood by the tree lighting candles set in the branches. She wore her hair in a braided ring around her head with a black ribbon hairnet for adornment.

“Lighting the candles so early?” he asked.

She gasped and turned to face him. “You scared me, Will. Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

He grinned and slid onto the settee.

Her hoop-lined skirt spun about as she turned her attention back to the tree set atop a side table.

Civil War time travel romance, Erin’s Rebel, was a finalist in the Ancient City Romance Authors 2010 Reader’s Choice Award, paranormal category.

Read opening chapters and reviews at my website: http://susanmacatee.com/mybooks.html

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Second excerpt from the first chapter of my Civil War holiday romance novella.

thechristmasball_7289_7501“I much appreciate it, son.” Combs’ eyes glazed over and he turned his face away.

Sara moved cautiously through the overcrowded tent trying not to jostle wounded patients. Doctor Ellison stood at the back of the tent conferring with a woman nurse, whose honey-colored hair was arranged in a bun at the nape of her neck.

Miss Marshall turned, light brown eyes drifting over Sara’s form, dismissing her as unworthy of more than a passing appraisal.

“Doc,” Sara said. “I have a wounded man…gut shot. I think you should have a look.”

Ellison nodded to the nurse. “I’ll be right back.” He raised a hand. “Lead on, Private.”

She turned and led him to Combs. As the doctor bent to probe the wound, she studied his handsome face. A dark brown, well-tended beard framed his angular jaw, and the thick, wavy hair touching his collar always seemed to have an errant lock grazing his forehead that she longed to smooth back. His intense hazel eyes set her pulse racing as he examined the man’s wound. How would it feel to have him studying her so intently? She warmed at the thought. Unfortunately, when he glanced at her, all he saw was a boy.

The Christmas Ball available from The Wild Rose Press http://www.wildrosepublishing.com/maincatalog_v151/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=176_135&products_id=5026

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Take a peek at what happened 150 years ago today during the American Civil War at my post over at Slip Into Something Victorian.

Sarah Rosetta Wakeman is one of the real-life inspirations for the heroine of my Civil War holiday romance novella, The Christmas Ball, as well as the award winning Civil War novel, Confederate Rose, now re-released as part of a Civil War boxed-set of six romances.

In the non-fiction book, An Uncommon Soldier, by Lauren Cook Burgess,the story of Sarah Rosetta Wakeman is told through letters her family preserved that she’d sent home during the war. I read this fascinating book along with others I used in researching the subject of women soldiers in disguise during the war to come up with composite heroines for my romance adventures.

What’s unique about Sarah’s story is, like scores of other young women during the American Civil War, she disguised herself as a man and served in the Union Army as a private. And during the years she served, no one ever discovered her sex.

Many other women also enlisted in male disguise, since women at that time weren’t permitted to serve, but some were quickly discovered and either sent home or were arrested and sent to prison on false charges of prostitution. That was the only reason army officials could come up with for women to dress as men, although it would have been hard for them to ply their trade and not be found out. Others weren’t caught until they were hospitalized or killed in battle. While others served out their time and returned to civilian life without ever being found out.

Sarah was born on January 16,1843, the eldest in a fairly large farm family. She was used to hard work and in 1862, at the age of 19, with no prospects for marriage, she left home to seek outside work to help with the family finances that included a large debt owed by her father. Disguising herself as a man, she found work as a manual laborer on a coal barge for $20.00 for four trips up the Chenango Canal in New York state. On her first trip she encountered soldiers from the 153rd New York Regiment, who urged her to sign up. The enlistment bounty of $152.00 would have been more than a year’s wages, even if Sarah continued civilian work as a male, and so was a great enticement.

Sarah told the recruiters she was 21 and on August 30, 1862, signed up under the name of Lyons Wakeman. Her regiment was stationed in Washington, as one of many, to guard the Capital from the surrounding hostile territory.

In her frequent letters home, she asked her family not to be ashamed of her for the choices she’d made. She also sent money home on a regular basis, much more than she could have earned as a civilian. In February 1864, the regiment was transferred to the field to take part in the ill-fated Red River Campaign. By the end of the campaign, Sarah developed chronic diarrhea and ended up at a regimental hospital.

She died on June 19, 1864, never having been discovered.

Like Sarah, most of the women who disguised themselves as men to serve in the army were lower class, or immigrants, who had little education. Sarah is unique, however, in that she could read and write and, as a result, left her legacy of letters so we’d have the opportunity to see why a woman would choose to hide her identity to serve her country.

The heroine of my  Civil War Christmas novella, The Christmas Ball, shares part of Sarah’s real life story in that she falls for a surgeon she works under in a Union camp. But unlike the real Sarah’s unrequited love story, my heroine’s story turns out for the better. This is a romance, after all. The Christmas Ball is an ebook novella, released in late 2013 by The Wild Rose Press, originally part of the Historical Christmas anthology, An American Rose Christmas.

And if you haven’t yet read my award winning Civil War romance, Confederate Rose, the heroine of this novel, Katie Rose O’Reilly, is also a soldier disguised as a man, but she serves in the Confederate army.

Stop by my website http://susanmacatee.com for info on both stories as well as the newly released Civil War boxed-set, Whispers in the Wind.

For more information on Sarah Rosetta Wakeman, read An Uncommon Soldier, by Lauren Cook Burgess, Oxford University Press, ISBN-0-19-512043-6

Today I’m starting on the opening chapter of my Civil War Christmas romance.

Chapter One
December 13, 1862

thechristmasball_7289_7501Sara Brewster lifted the pan of bloodied water and moved on to the next man needing attention. The cots were packed so close together in the large canvas tent, she had a hard time sliding between them. Her trousers, however, proved a godsend. The other women, in gowns and petticoats, had a much more difficult time of it.

She set her pan on a small table by a soldier. The poor soul moaned in pain. His grimy hair, plastered to his head, made it impossible to detect the color. She removed his coat and vest, grimacing at the blood covering the front of his shirt. Gingerly, so as not to cause undue discomfort, she lifted the shirt and studied the gaping wound. She’d have to get Doc Ellison over here fast. In the meantime, she squeezed out excess moisture from her rag and pressed it against the wound to staunch the freely flowing blood.

His eyes popped open. When he focused, he rasped, “Am I kilt, son?”

“Can’t say for sure. Doc will have to take a look.” She studied the soldier’s clean-shaven face blackened with dirt. He was Nathan Combs, a member of her company. “Tell me, how bad is it out there?”

“Hell,” he sputtered. “The Rebs have the high ground and they just keep firing down on us. And the cold…” He shuddered. “I couldn’t feel much of anything until they brought me in here.”

“Maybe that was for the best. The cold may have kept you from bleeding to death out on the field. I’ll get the doc so he can take a look.”

The Christmas Ball available from The Wild Rose Press http://www.wildrosepublishing.com/maincatalog_v151/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=176_135&products_id=5026

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My Civil War romance novel, Confederate Rose, has been re-released as part of the Civil War romance boxed-set, Whispers in the Wind. Today I’m posting an excerpt from Confederate Rose.

WhispersintheWind_w9628_750“You bloody thief!” the rider yelled in a high, strident voice. “Hand over me bag, you bastard!”

Alex kept the revolver before him but relaxed his grip. That crazed Irish Rebel had followed him.

She reined up abreast of him and didn’t flinch at the sight of his drawn gun. Curls slicked against her head, and water dripped down her face.

She glowered at him, blowing out a puff of steam. Her breath came out in gasps, and the horse huffed.

“Hand over me bloody bag.” She held out a leather-gloved hand, oblivious of the revolver still pointed at her.

“What makes you think I have it?”

“Yer a thief and a liar. Give it here.”

“You most likely left it back at the stream. Just didn’t see it in the dark.”

Her nostrils flared. “‘Tis not that dark. You have it, and I want it now!”

Icy rain continued to pelt them. Alex bristled. She was keeping him from finding the cabin, where he could get dry and warm. As far as he knew, she didn’t have a weapon. She’d lost her sidearm in the stream, and he hadn’t seen a rifle among her belongings.

“Look, ma’am.” He pointed the gun for emphasis. “I’m not going to sit here in this freezing rain and argue. When I find the cabin, you’re welcome to come inside. I’ll prove I don’t have your bag. Fair enough?”

She bit her lip, apparently considering his offer. “If I don’t agree, are you going to shoot me, then, Mr. Hart?”

He lowered the gun. “Of course not. I just wanted to convince you that we need to get out of this rain, before we both come down with pneumonia.” He shook ice pellets from his hat and brushed his coat to emphasize his point. “We’ll freeze out here.”

1st place historical category of First Coast Romance Writers 2010 Beacon Contest for Published Authors

2nd place historical category of 2010 New England Reader’s Choice Bean Pot Award

Whispers in the Wind is available at The Wild Rose Press http://www.wildrosepublishing.com/maincatalog_v151/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=234&products_id=5994

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Today I’m posting the last sneak peek at the opening chapter of my Civil War vampire romance.

New week I’ll start with the opening of my Civil War romance, The Christmas Ball.


SweetRedemption_w3850_300Jon sucked in a deep breath, suddenly afraid of what waited inside. “Sir, though I appreciate your help, I really think I should be on my way.”

Arnwolf’s eyes glowed red. Heart pounding, Jon turned to run. The man lifted one thin arm and shoved Jon into the barn.

Jon landed on his knees, the breath knocked out of him. He reached for his revolver, but dropped it when Arnwolf shoved him again.

He tried to rise, but the reverend dropped on top of him, pushing him face down to the hay strewn over the ground. Fetid earth and the sweet scent of hay intermingled. Jon struggled, but wasn’t able to throw off Arnwolf’s hold. Strong arms pushed Jon onto his back. His eyes widened as he was forced to face the man.

The face wasn’t that of the pale minister who’d offered him aid, but a hideous demon’s face. A death’s head. The demon’s mouth opened exposing two sharp fangs. Jon’s stomach clenched, and he nearly gagged from the creature’s foul breath.

He summoned the last of his strength and tried to push Arnwolf off, but he couldn’t budge him. Fangs descended and sank into his throat. His body clenched in the throes of pain that quickly changed into intense pleasure. He slumped to the ground, dazed, as he felt his life drain from him.

Sweet Redemption is available at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Redemption-ebook/dp/B0056ICETQ/ref=sr_1_7?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1313157188&sr=1-7

Barnes and Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sweet-redemption-susan-macatee/1018988355?ean=2940043310798&itm=3&usri=sweet%2bredemption

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